Free transport from Transferium Renesse to the Beaches.

U can make use of the free transports between the Transferium and the beaches (and back).
Please make use of these environmentally friendly and durable solutions.

Fixed Bus lines

From the Transferium the BeachHub busses travel with 3 fixed lines:

On Request:

On request you can make use of theBeachHub Hopper, between 10:45 and 19:30
You can make reservations at least one hour in advance: call (0111) 65 12 12 (available from 09:45 to 18:30). Full is Full!

The BeachHub and the BeachHub Hopper drive everyday until the 30th of August and extra on 5, 6, 12 and the 13th September.
The timetable is subject to government coronavirus measures.

Measures regarding Covid-19